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Model Megaera: Durumu the Forgotten: Model Dark Animus: Iron Qon: Model Twin Consorts: Model Ra-Den: Model EDIT: Added Ra-Den! Mindblowing possiblities! Commentaire de Deckadenze Ra-den, Rayden? Or am I the only one seeing this? Commentaire de danman64 Ra-den is definitely a reference to Raiden from Mortal Kombat.

Guide MoP: Raid Trône du Tonnerre – Durumu l’oublié

The Throne of Thunder is the perfect place for a thunder god. Commentaire de crazyxslayer this raid wont beat icc best raid in the game imo. I hope they introduce a weapon named after Jin'rokh. Commentaire de nuttomania Ra-Den is presumably this; http: Commentaire de AlaDragon "When you hear the sound of thunder dont you get to scare! Just go grap your thunder buddy and say these magic words: You Thunder! You cant get me thunder cuz your just gods fart! Commentaire de 0j0n Let the all of the Thunder puns, songs, etc.

Commentaire de AlaDragon "When you hear the sound of thunder dont you get to scared! Just go grab your thunder buddy and say these magic words: K You Thunder! You can suck my d. You cant get me thunder cause your just gods farts! Commentaire de Masdots Is there any information on how this instance will be set up? Commentaire de HunXPlayboy Tortos is indeed a cool looking silver-blue turtle. Commentaire de perculia Information from the 5. It falls to the heroes of the Alliance and the Horde to stop the newly resurrected tyrant and his Zandalari allies in the massive new raid: Trône du tonnerre.

Trône du tonnerre is a sprawling citadel housing 12 new raid encounters, and players that defeat Emperor Lei Shen in Heroic mode can earn the opportunity to face an additional 13th foe. The Raid Finder version of the Trône du tonnerre will be divided into 4 different wings.

Join the Assaut des Pandashan in their singular drive to see Lei Shen, The Thunder King defeated once and for all, and gain access to impressive Valor reward items. Reputation with this faction can be earned only within the Throne of Thunder raid dungeon. It seems a bit more possible because LFR takes less time than Normal. First part-Jin'rokh, Horridon, Council of Elders.

Second part-Tortos, Megaera, Ji-Kun. Bosses The Throne of Thunder is a massive raid instance featuring 13 bosses, spread around 4 different wings, and following a linear path. The 13th boss, Ra-Den, is a Heroic only boss similar to Algalon l'Observateur and is only available to guilds that have killed Lei Shen on Heroic difficulty. Blizzard has stated that Ra-Den is merely a bonus boss for those guilds capable of beating Lei-Shen Heroic, and that Lei-Shen should be considered the final boss of the instance.

Partie 1 : Les champions de Lei Shen

Reputation Defeating mobs in the Throne of Thunder raid instance will earn you reputation with the Assaut des Pandashan. You will earn reputation from defeating bosses once a week on any difficulty, including LFR, but only on your first kill for the week, regardless of difficulty. You get the following reputation for killing mobs inside the Throne of Thunder before any bonusses: Both the quests and Insignia's will grant reputation past Friendly. Note that the Insignia's are BoA, so if you get any on your alts, you can mail them to your main! Amulet Friendly: Commentaire de CalaelenDT Patch 5.

Commentaire de Cruxier Where are the other two handed weapons? Because I can only find Uroe, messager de la terreur in the loot tables. Commentaire de christehchris Biggest raid yet? Commentaire de Bezlek I don't see this information on the loot tables so I figured I'd ask this question directed to someone who has been inside and cleared a good bit of trash mobs on PTR or now that the patch is live.

Do the trash mobs drop epic loot or patterns in a way like FL did? Commentaire de popje Essence de la brise work in Throne of Thunder, I found this quite useful in the first boss fight since it give you a big movement boost the whole fight.

Guide MoP: Raid Trône du Tonnerre – Durumu l’oublié

Will probably be patched soon though. Commentaire de Kvksi If to add to Ra-den letter i than he becomes Raiden: D which is god of thunder from Mortal Combat that was fighting for mortal world. Commentaire de rwevz2 this raid is amazing. Item rewards, if any, are contained in Cache de trésors héroïque. Equipment has base stats and random enchantments relevant to class and specialization determined upon opening , though stats may not be ideal by any means. Non-helm items do not have sockets on them; helms have meta and gem sockets.

Île du Temps figé Normal: Commentaire de laurieslambs Does anyone have any suggestions to heroic progression? Obviously Jin Rohk is the easiest.. Commentaire de jkemick3 I found these videos very helpful as a newcomer to the Throne of Thunder. I was looking for a quick layout of where to find each piece and couldn't find a nice one, so I made one. Commentaire de jnqbus Did anyone had the great pleasure of falling through the world here? It happened to me once in the past and once yesterday - somewhere close to the last fight of the first wing Council of Elders. I was going with the raid and suddenly landed in water below.

It would not be a big issue but the game kept dcing me after that. One lucky login allowed me to port out. Still got the Valor though. For example, to set your current map to Throne of Thunder you can type: Commentaire de Dicrostonyx The Trône du tonnerre uses Rune du destin mogu as the bonus roll currency. You can buy these on the Île du Temps figé for 1, Pièce du Temps figé each. The following bosses have non-gear drops that may be of interest to collectors: Horridon Mount: Rejeton d'Horridon Pet: Navrecorne pygmée Ji Kun Mount: Étreinte de Ji Kun Pet: Bébé de Ji Kun Primordius Pet: Goutte tremblante sombre Sombre animus Pet: Fils d'Animus.

I had an ilvl of almost fully mythic geared , with a fully upgraded legendary ring. Durumu was a close call, I popped icebound fortitude and AMS when the light phase started.

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Dark Animus was fairly easy, make sure your army of the dead can taunt. Kill the closest small anima golem to Dark Animus and then just focus fire him down. Iron Quan was an extremely close call for me. Every other fight was pretty easy. I was mainly aiming for just a Horridon kill for a chance at the mount.

But I decided to be a bit different today, I recently obtained my legendary ring, and my 4 piece T18 bonus, and figured I would give this a shot as a Frost DK, rather than Blood. I managed to make it all the way to Durumu with little to no trouble as Frost. But sadly even as Blood I could not defeat Durumu, the 3 beams just kick my teeth in.

I pre-potted, and popped army. My ilvl as Frost when I did this was I had no real tank gear other than my tier pieces, so I used my DPS gear as blood while fighting Durumu. Actual tank gear might be the difference between a wipe and a kill.

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Not sure. Commentaire de Pompasmurf Entrance is on the Isle of Thunder, and the Isle is reachable via a portal at the Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes you may need to complete a quest to unlock it. The entrance coords are Commentaire de jester If you are stuck on a boss, can't manage to kill it and you wanna get out of instance Well, here is what i found out today: Commentaire de Vaystre Just to update on the soloable situation.

ToT can be done easily on 10man with only Lei Shen doing much damage. Ran with a Hunter ilevel but I reckon anyone in fresh gear can do it now. Didn't need pet out at all, it was a breeze. Go ahead and farm to your hearts content! After Ji-Kun use the red feathers to fly to the opening on the west side I think of the room. All the other exits will be closed off except one. Tactics for the bosses are just to burst. Don't worry about going to the nests on Ji-Kun or anything like that. Will update next week with 25man info. Commentaire de Evilry Isle of Thunder Portal quest chain starts from Le tonnerre nous appelle Horde Le tonnerre nous appelle Alliance Turn in on arrival and the follow up quest will fly you directly to Isle of Thunder.

L'Île du tonnerre : le dossier complet

Portal is then created automatically, no further quest required. For those who see it on map and want to fly or swim to Isle of Thunder, I tried and failed. Commentaire de Mumann Hi all, I am just putting this comment here but 25 man normal is soloable in case anyone wanted to see on this site if possible.

I am a ilvl Unholy Death Knight. Hardest fight for me was: Durumu the Forgotten - you just have to burst him down as fast as possible when he does his light spectrum phase. Ignore finding the invisible mobs and pop defensive cool-downs when you are near death. Lei Shen - just because of the sheer mass of adds you have in later phases. Black Ops 4. Ligue Overwatch. Comment jouer. Calculateur de talents. Informations et Guides. Nouveaux joueurs: Anciens joueurs: État des royaumes.

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